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Self-hypnosis exercise with script for Covid 19

Here’s a self-hypnosis exercise script I wrote for you to practice during isolation. Drop a line in the comments or contact me for further info. Enjoy and share as much as you like.

Given the rough time we are all going through, I would like to share with my clients, followers and occasional readers a self-hypnosis exercise I wrote. You can also find the same script in Italian and French.

This easy exercise aims at screening nowadays negative thinking. It allows us to widen our positive imagination, to reconnect with feelings and emotions which take us beyond the cold and sterile environment we live in right now.
Like for any self-hypnosis exercise or hypnosis session, you do not need previous experience.

In order to do this self-hypnosis exercise in the best conditions, make sure you have cut out at least a half hour during the day, to choose a quiet and comfortable spot in the house, where you can drift away undisturbed or go to the clouds.
Sit down comfortably and get ready to read the following script from word one to the very last.
You can either read it mentally or out loud, alone or together with somebody else you trust and feel comfortable around.
Trying to fully understand the meaning of each sentence is pointless in this exercise.

ATTENTION: never do this exercise while driving or engaging in activities which require your full attention or if you suffer from psychotic tendencies, diagnosed or latent.
For further information, video sessions and other suggestions, you can write me here.

Exercise script:

From this very moment on, I offer myself some time… some time in the frame of time that I can use and I allow myself to drift away… gently… unapologetically… and find a cozy and calm space inside of me… where I can take care of my most creative side.
And all this happens while my most rational side… it is silently rooting for me, ready to respond… easily… should I need anything until the end of this experience… at any given time.
And now… I can’t really say when exactly I have started noticing how each word of this text… that’s right… each single letter, that my eyes slowly keep following, contributes to create inside of me… somewhere inside of me… this special place, the nicest possible environment… where I can receive from this experience and this text, when I am ready, everything useful, good and positive. Maybe that something is hidden between two or more twisted lines I have already read… or maybe… maybe it lies in the mental or actual sound of my reading voice. No matter where or how I manage to find what seems to be the reason that has me feeling like I want to read until the very last word… and what’s more than that: without having to make any effort in order to fully grab and memorize what my tired eyes are reading… a part of me is already stacking up and sorting out all the useful information.
It might as well be that… right now or a few lines below, I realize that my breathing is slowing down and going deeper and… I might ask myself whether I’ve ever thought before that each letter’s shape that my eyes scan… could make me feel light… as light as a white fluffy cloud… as light as a feather… as a bright idea… as the image of a place, that’s it… the image of a place I like particularly… a place I know by heart… or that only once I visited… or that my mind finds a way to paint from scratch, in the blank spaces left between these words and sentences.
As I let this image naturally come to me and gently replace the background of the text, I enjoy defining its details. I let myself focus on the color of the sky in this happy place… the sky during the day, at dusk, at night… when it’s clear and cloudy… I can feel on my skin the soft or pronounced temperature of the air, the further I let myself drift toward that place and feel perfectly at ease with every inhale… perfectly safe. Natural elements… the sound of my footsteps on the ground… the gentle touch of my fingers discovering the surroundings… maybe a sweet taste in my mouth…
As I allow myself to slide deeper and deeper into this place… so welcoming, so calm… with all my senses… I wonder where its vivid or blurry image comes from… if it springs out of my mind… my head… and wether it stays there all the time or…maybe… it’s something more evanescent… like the air going through my nose or my mouth and circulating throughout my body… and I’m able to tell precisely where it’s at at any give time… am I not?
It could be that it’s happening right now… now that I feel the air flow in and out of my body… rhythmically… that the image of this wonderful place moves down into my neck and shoulders… I can slightly feel how… how fast my muscles let go of any tension… automatically… the moment they don’t feel forced to take in the serenity of this place.
With every inhale, the securing details of my perfect place spread down into my arms and I can only observe the way my muscles relax deeper and deeper. And the more my arms let go of the weigh of responsibility… or fatigue… the more my chest does the same and every inch of my skin is surrounded by a protecting and comforting aura.
When I find myself focusing on my legs, perhaps both of them, or one at a time, I notice their weigh too… that grows lighter and lighter… the more they let this peaceful perfect place become wider.
At every visualized step I take… to the rhythm of each and every one of my exhales… my thighs and calves relax even more… automatically…
Once my two feet as well feel empty, propelled by the soothing energy
of this sacred place… that I have let inside of me… at that point… very gently, I find a way to connect with my subconscious mind. This connection allows me to ask my subconscious mind a few questions… right here in this wonderful place… so calm… so safe…
And my subconscious mind will surely answer these questions, once my whole body will have doubled its relaxation. Perhaps with a big inhale… or two… or three… or maybe after picturing, feeling or visualizing myself lay down somewhere even nicer… a corner of this resourceful place… and then observing my eyelids fall down softly and… dream… dream of the part of me that feels free to do something very special for me.
What if… in this dream… of course… I could be taken somewhere else… somewhere a little further in the future… to the exact moment I would receive wonderful news… maybe the news I was waiting for… that everybody was… for days, weeks… would I be able to see in my dream… what it would feel like to get such great news?
And what if my dream was so precise to let me see what time of the day or the night I would be more likely to get the news?
What if… and only if… I could cling on to this dream to guess how I would hear about it? What would my first reaction be…?
Would I be able to tell in which part of my dreaming body my reaction would be stronger…?
And what if… what if this dream could make me see what the first thing I’d do… organize… toss in the trash… right after getting such terrific news would be…?
Who would I tell first thing…? What would it feel like to tell them…?
And what if I could, effectively, stay in this dream a little longer… here where seconds count as minutes and minutes as hours and hours as full days and weeks… just stay the time my subconscious mind would take to deepen and register the best details… the touchy ones… the exciting ones… the funny ones…? Beyond any limit… beyond judgements…
And as my eyes grow tired and slowly move towards the last word of this long and twisted script… my imagination opens up, wider and wider… and allows me to expand inside of me the beautiful scenery of the dream I’m already dreaming… this dream I belong to…
And once my exhausted eyes will have read the very last word of the script, they will probably close, like they have already done… a short time ago… somewhere else… in order to find, behind my eyelids, at an even deeper and calmer level, whatever my subconscious mind has chosen to offer me.
Then, with every inhale my lungs will fill up with the positive feelings and emotions which will guide me through the upcoming hours and days… and with every exhale I’ll let my wisest, most trustful and trustworthy side free me from anything negative, useless, unnecessary, heavy…
Once I will have taken advantage of a few minutes of peace and rest and, by doing so, I will have let my subconscious mind finish the job… something will tell me it will be time to come back. Then my eyes will slowly open… my fingers and toes will gently move a little… my feet will connect me to the ground and I will find myself completely…
At that point, only when I will feel ready, I will continue my day, feeling perfectly well, thankful to myself for connecting me to my positive imagination and all the resources I possess and incarnate.
And this… this is the time when my eyes close because this is the last word

The attached picture belongs to Elia Colombo All rights are reserved.

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